"The term 'BarCamp' has nothing to do with alcohol but everything to do with high spirits - a spirit of sharing ideas in a free and fun environment." - Outlook Business
"A gathering of folk who, in one way or another, aim to make the world a better place." - Dr Koh Niak Wu
"BarCamp Cyberjaya its one amazing adhoc event where we see young mind share their idea and get it feedback with industry fellow." - Mr. Curry Khoo

Unlike typical conferences, BarCamp has no preset of speakers. BarCamp is a user-generated conference that brings people together to share their passion!

BarCamp Cyberjaya 2019
BarCamp Cyberjaya is an annual user-generated unconference with topics surrounding technology and entrepreneurships.

It is open-for-all, with no preset topics and speakers. Everyone who shows up can pick a time-room slot and write down what they would like to talk about.

Jumpstart Program
It aims to introduce the industrial side to new students as well as expose them to practical skills that could help them tackle their university life.

After organising several events with the industrial side in the past, IT Society is of the opinion that it is necessary to urge students to not only focus on their academics but to also get involved in co-curricular activities and side-projects (mini projects).

BarCamp 2015 & 2016 PHOTOS


General Affairs Division
The all-purpose team that handles the internal management of the program activities and ensures that everything is in order.

Sponsorship Division
The team that plays a vital role in ensuring that the event obtains sufficient funding in order to make the event an exciting experience for everyone.

Publicity and Creativity Division
The creative team that plays a role in attracting and engaging with participants of the event through print media and digital media.

Event Management Division
The team that is responsible in ensuring a conducive ambience and the smooth flow of events during the event day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does IT Society do?

IT Society aims to empower students as active practitioners of information technology and to represent all FCI students. In the past, IT Society have organized Tech Career Days, BarCamp, industrial trips, and workshops. Visit here to learn more.

What are the benefits I can gain from joining a society and co-organizing events?

You may be expecting to learn more cool stuffs which you will not get from your classroom experience, such as decision making, event planning and resource management. In addition, you will get the opportunity to network with seniors and working professionals.

What would I have to do if I join?

You will be allocated into a specific division according to your wish and strength. You will be involved in event planning before the event day and many more ad-hoc tasks during the event.

How are discussions for events carried out?

We will use Slack for online discussions. Depending on the situation. there will be weekly or bi-weekly meeting for offline discussion. Normally, meeting will only carry out at night time which won’t affect your class attendance.

Do I get points for co-curriculum when I join a society and co-organize events?

Yes. You can expect to gain SAPS point for participating actively in club and society activities.

Will co-curriculum activities interfere with my academics?

Discussions and meetings will only be carried out at night without clashing with exam period and study week.